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Written by Egypt Eve   
Wednesday, 08 February 2012 11:00

Not every piece of lingerie that lives in your drawer has to be solid and functional. There are times when you can have sheer lingerie as well. And, before you think it is only the open design that might reveal too much skin, there are other designs as well. There are a number of good designs for see through lingerie too.

Illusion Netting

Sheer lingerie can be fairly tame. Illusion netting can give you the appearance of being completely sheer but still have the security of being completely covered as well. For people who would feel a little too exposed or a little too self conscious, this might be the choice to make.

Peek a Boo Patterns

Some sheer lingerie has a peek a boo pattern such as flowers, butterflies or even strategically placed sequins or rhinestones. These little patterns let you wear see through lingerie without showing everything all at once.

Very Sheer, Sheer Lingerie

Of course, there are always those women who are perfectly fine with barely there wisps of lingerie, the very stuff that clouds and dreams are made of. If you would like to wear these items, you can- it simply takes a brave heart and the will to make the look your own.

Sheer lingerie is not the same as open designs. There is actually material over everything. It is not crotch less panties or bra less cups. It can be beautiful lace or it can be another sheer material. There are countless types and colors of see through lingerie that you can wear - for a million reasons.

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