40-Year-Old Woman Cuts Off Rapist’s Penis

Monju Begum, a 40-year-old Bangladesh woman stopped an alleged rapist in his tracks when she reportedly cut off his part and then took it to police as evidence.

According to police, Begam’s neighbor, Mozammel Haq Mazi, forced his way into her shanty and began sexually assaulting her.

Investigators say Begum stopped the attack by cutting off his part She then placed the evidence into a polythene bag and took it into police as proof that Mazi had attempted to rape her.

Begum, a married mother of three, told police that Mazi had been harassing her for the past six months. Mazi is reportedly also married and has five children.

“It is quite an unusual incident. As far as I am aware, this is the first time that a woman has brought a severed part to the police station as evidence,” said police spokesperson Abul Khaer.

“We will arrest him once his condition gets better,” said Khaer.

Mazi denied the allegations telling investigators that the two were having an affair.

“Recently she suggested that both of us can go settle down in Dhaka,” said Mazi. “I refused and told her that I cannot leave my wife and children, so she took revenge on me.”

Doctors say the man’s part will not be re-attached.

That serves him right...Rapists take note,you could be next .


-1 #2 Brandon 2013-04-18 14:36
I'd reserve judgement... we all know how many drunk sorority sluts f*** 3 dudes then swear it was rape the next morning. Let it go to trial, because for all we know he actually could be telling the truth. Rape is terrible, but almost just as terrible is women who throw the accusation around like it isn't a big deal.
+1 #1 cat 2012-11-18 20:45
hurray for monju,she did what was require in this situation,he wont try that again,more of us ladies should have the courage to stop these rapists!!good on her,i hope she doesnt get punished because she defended herself!

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