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You Like Fake Tanning ?.. learn How To Apply It At Your Home

More and more people are turning to fake tanning products to create that bronzed look most people love. People have turned their backs on UV Tanning due to health risks and skin ageing issues. Unfortunately we have all seen some pretty horrendous fake tanning disasters too. In order to make sure you're not one of them, you need to consider some vital factors.

Preparation is key to the successful application of any fake tanning product, whether self applied or professionally applied. Here are some important steps you must take to ensure that perfect fake tan/sunless tan does not turn out to be a disaster.

  • Wax or shave a minimum of 24 hours before your tanning session
  • exfoliate so you have smooth skin on which to apply your fake tanning products
  • Don't wear perfumes, or moisturisers - only wear moisturiser on dry areas and to feet and hands
  • wear old underwear to avoid staining

If you are applying the product yourself here are some application tips:

  • Start at the bottom of your legs and work your way up
  • always apply in circular motions this way you are less likely to get streaks
  • Use a tanning mitt or vinyl glove to protect your hands from staining
  • use a product with instant bronzers so you can see where you have already applied the product
  • let the product dry before getting dressed
  • leave for up to 8 hours before showering

There are many tanning products out there, so you need to think about what will work best for you, some options available are:

Gradual tan and tan extender creams - these are best if you are a novice tanner. They have less DHA (dihydroxyacetone) which is the ingredient that works with the dead skin cells to make your skin turn brown. This allows you to apply multiple coats to get a deeper tan colour or just one coat for a natural looking fake tan.

Tanning sprays - these tend to have more DHA and so are best used by more experienced users. They come in either a mist spray bottle or an aerosol. Be aware that the aerosols are sprayed directly onto the skin and so can be messy. Make sure you are stood in the shower cubicle when applying to keep the solution from spraying onto the surrounding area. Use one with an instant bronzer to make application easier.

For time poor situations and you don't want to wear the instant bronzer for long - choose a product which is a Rapid Tan or Express Tan. With these you only have to keep on the skin for a couple of hours before showering off.

Be careful when choosing a product for the face which tends to be more sensitive to ingredients in some fake tanning products. Some products contain artificial fragrances and alcohols so look for one which doesn't have a long list of ingredients as they can cause irritation and inflammation. Gels work well on the face and are easy to apply.



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